Best Foot Fetish Sites 2022

Foot fetish is a popular niche, and as a true fan of women’s sexy feet myself, I know how passionate an interest it can be. Surprisingly, there aren’t as many foot porn sites out there as you might expect and hope for, but thankfully, there are a dozen or so very good ones. I’ve taken a look at every foot fetish site online in 2022, and here is my honest and authoritative ranking list of the best 12 – last updated June 2022.

1 # Footsie Babes – Teen Foot Fetish Movies

The best current foot fetish site that is still being updated weekly with new content. Beautiful young American models have their feet worshipped in a variety of different ways, as well as giving the lucky guys divine footjobs. Exceptional value with a trial membership costing just $2.95. Members also get access to a number of other premium hardcore sites on the network. All movies are HD.

2 # Foot Fetish Porno – Hundreds Of Sexy Feet Videos

The ultimate foot fetish tube site, with hundreds of diverse videos featuring every aspect of this niche. From footjobs to foot licking and everything in between. You’ll find here videos of women licking each other’s feet, women being fucked by men who are kissing and sniffing their feet at the same time, women licking their own feet while masturbating, women serving fruit in bowls with their feet as a man ejaculates his sperm into the bowl…A year’s subscription is less than $10 a month, and you also get access to a vast fetish porn network with at least one other foot fetish site.

3 # Foot Fetish Beauties – The Most Beautiful Italian Feet To Worship

Some of the most beautiful feet photos and videos that can be found online are at this site, produced by an Italian foot fetish studio that has been filming girl’s sexy feet since 2008. New scenes with HD video and photo sets released for members twice a week, with well over 100 videos in their archives, featuring over 50 (mainly Italian) models, who range from amateur girl next door to stunningly beautiful. There is little or no hardcore here, but for erotic foot fetish videos and photos, they are second to none.

720x90 FootFetishBeauties banner

4 # Bare Foot Fuckers – Footjobs And Foot Worship Videos

A huge foot worship tube site that offers members hundreds of some of the best footjob and foot fetish videos of the last decade and more. Most of the videos are in HD, a year’s membership costs under $120, and you also get access to the largest fetish porn site network online.

5 # NylonUp – Best Site For Lovers Of Nyloned Feet

The best foot fetish site for fans of nylons and stockings. From the same famed Italian foot fetish porn studio as several sites as this list, it’s rather more hardcore than the others, and does feature solo girl masturbation, footjobs, and intense lesbian feet and toe licking.

6 # VR Foot Fetish – Sexy Feet In Virtual Reality

The only VR porn site devoted exclusively to foot worship. Prodced by an Italian based studio that has a number of other foot fetish sites, and that uses entirely local models. This gives the site something of an amateur girl feel, which actually works very will in the incredible intimacy of immersive VR.

7 # Nylon Feet Love – Erotic Stockinged Feet

Another nylon and stockings themed foot niche site from the Italian studio, but this is strictly softcore, with a more gentle and erotic focus on the sexy nyloned feet of the gorgeous Italian models.

8 # Leg Sex – Feet, legs, And Pantyhose Fetish Site

One of the oldest foot fetish sites online, this site stretches back to 2004 and covers not only feet, but legs, pantyhose, and high heels. A huge archive of hundreds of feet videos featuring over 200 different models. Still apparently updating with a new video around once a week. A 3 month subscription costs $60, although that price is sometimes heavily discounted.

9 # Petra Feet – Italian Solo Girl With Delicious Feet

Petra is a young and pretty Italian women with a pair of the sexiest feet known to man. She’s an experienced foot fetish model and is an expert on teasing men with her angelic feet, soles, and toes.

10 # Czech VR Fetish – Worship Pretty Feet In Virtual Reality

The number one virtual reality fetish site regularly releases full-length foot fetish videos. Experience the thrill of worshiping pretty Czech girl’s feet in fully immersive 3D virtual reality. VR porn is to regular 2D porn what tube porn is to a photo gallery. You wont believe how incredibly real and satisfying it is until you’ve tried it. No fetish is brought to life better in virtual reality than foot fetish. You will be reaching out to touch and lick the pretty feet of the girls, as they teasingly extend their stocking legs and let you get as close to their perfect tootsies as you want. The site also covers a number of other fetishes in VR such as pissing and face sitting. You also get free access to a number of other sites on the same network, including both 2D and VR.

11 # Naughty Footjobs -Classic Footjob Movie Site

A must join site if you are looking for loads of classic foojob action, although it doesn’t appear to be updating anymore. A 3 day pass is only $2.99.

12 # Cosplay Feet – Worship The Feet Of Italian Cosplay Girls

A regularly updated sub-niche site that combines foot worship with cosplay. Over 100 solo girl cosplay girls showing off and teasing their pretty feet.

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Cosplay Feet Review

728x90 cCosplayFeet banner

Cosplay Feet is an Italian produced English language foot fetish site, that is almost uniquely devoted to the foot worship of cosplay girls. The models are virtually all amateur and Italian. The studio behind the site are one of the largest foot fetish producers in the world and home to a multi-site network.

It doesn’t get any better than this: the best costumes worn by the hottest cosplayers, showing off their feet for you.

This is your chance to worship the feet of Snow White, Harley Quinn, CatWoman, Wonder Woman, Cinderella…all the fantasy characters you’ve always dreamd to worship the feet of.

Thousands of pictures and videos, constantly updated, will give you what your fetish for cosplay and feet requires.

Real Italian Amateur Foot Fetish Models In Cute Cosplay Costumes

The girls featured in the site’s videos and photos are all Italian and apparently amateur or part-time models. Many of them feature at the same Italian studio’s many other foot fetish sites such as Foot Fetish Beauties. As fans of that studio will know, the girls vary in quality from very average to very pretty, whiist always posessing a very ‘amateur girl’ style look.

The ages of the models also vary, although the majority are in their mid to late twenties at best. As a cosplay fan myself, I would confidently state that most fans of cosplay erotica lean towards a strong preferance for cute looking models from 18 to early twenties. There are a few adorable ‘teen’ type cosplay girls here, but also a number of 30 something amateurs with tattoos, who for me and many others look a bit out of place in this type of niche.

However, they do have sexy feet, and the content is produced by a 100% foot fetish studio, filmed by a cameraman and team that genuinely have a love of women’s feet. The models too, although ‘amateur’ in looks and style, are regular foot fetish models so know how to turn on the viewer with their delicious tootsies.

Thus if you consider this a site that is primarily catering for foot lovers, with some cute cosplay uniforms thrown in, then it’s a site worth joining. Another thing to consider that as a cosplay foot worship site, it’s almost unique.

There is a new video released every fortnight, with an accompanying high resolution photo-set. And there is a lot of content on the site, with around 100 videos in the archives. That’s an impressive number for a sub-niche site. One disappointing aspect of the site’s content, is that anime cosplay fans will be a little left out. Most of the cosplay is of the ‘sexy uniform’ variety, such as nurses and cheerleader’s outfits.

Drop-Dead Gorgeous Elettra In A Sexy Cheerleader Uniform


Elettra is one of the prettiest amateur models at the sight, and in this video she dresses up as a cheerleader – one of the most common costumes that the studio makes use of.

Reasons To Join Cosplay Feet

  • Produced by a dedicated foot fetish porn studio.
  • A variety of sexy costumes from Wonder Woman to cheerleader.
  • Over 100 videos with a new release fortnightly.
  • Feet in Nylon, socks or bare.
  • High heels, boots, flat shoes

Sexy Petra In Harley Quinn Cosplay Costume


Petra is the most used of the models at CosplayFeet, as she is at many of the other foot fetish sites from the same studio. It’s not difficult to see why, as she is young and very pretty, and has a pair of undeniably exquisite feet. She has appeared in no less than 23 cosplay videos for the site, and is one of their few models who can pull off a Harley Quinn cosplay look as she does in the above video trailer.

Summary – Is Membership Of Cosplay Feet Worth It?

For a foot fetish fan who is into cosplay, then this is a must join site, not that it has much competition in this sub-niche. It is a high quality site, especially as regards the foot content, and still being updated twice a month. The caveat is that the models vary in quality and are ‘amateur’ style, as well as being exclusively Italian. The average age is also probably a little higher than most cosplay and foot worship fans would wish for.

728x90 cCosplayFeet banner

Stunning Tecla In Queen Of Hearts Costume


Another pretty Italian (or Romanian?) model with beautiful feet, although she does look a little bored in the trailer.

Foot Fetish Beauties Review

Super hot Vale Rovski showing off her sexy feet and toes ft.image

Foot Fetish Beauties is an erotic foot worship site produced by an Italian studio that is one of the oldest studios in the world devoted to the sexy feet niche. If you’re looking for hardcore action, including footjobs, then you’ll be disappointed here. But if you simply want to watch and jerk off to beautiful young women exposing and teasing with their deliciously nubile feet in expertly filmed and produced foot fetish video, then this should be considered as your number 1 choice. There are frequent lesbian foot play videos, but for the most part it’s softcore foot fetish erotica – done superbly well.

720x90 FootFetishBeauties banner

Italian Amateur Erotica Studio Devoted To Foot Fetish Movies Since 2008

The studio behind Foot Fetish Beauties has been established since 2008, and from day one has filmed nothing but the art of foot worship erotica. This is not a general hardcore studio who decided to cash in on the foot fetish niche. This is a genuine labor of love from softcore erotic art photographers who are themselves very much into sexy feet. Similarly, the vast majority of the girls they film are not even professional models, but local beauties who were tempted into the idea of earning a little money for teasing guys with their delicious feet on camera. The producers build a very good relationship with their models, and it shows in the finished videos and photo sets. Very rarely will you get generic ‘foot fetish porn’ here. Both the photographers and models share an in-depth knowledge of what a foot worshiper wants to see. The result is tasteful and erotic videos and photographs that are real works of devotion to the beauty of women’s feet, and that are guaranteed to get any true foot fan off.

popular foot fetish beauties models
Several of the most popular Foot Fetish Beauties models.

Ilaria Smoking And Showing Off Her Soft Fair-Skinned Feet


Gorgeous young Italian amateur babe Ilaria lights up a cigarette and blow rings of smoke out of her pouting lips while she stretches out her legs on a table, and curls her perfect feet for you. She certainly knows that you’d lick those delicious feet all night long, and she likes the idea a lot.

Ilaria, the cute young woman in the trailer above, is the kind of naturally pretty, and yet amateur looking girl, that the site likes to pick as its models. Often in the scenes, another ‘fetish’ is combined with the foot worship – in this case a girl smoking.

Super-hot Vale Rovski paints her toenails, soles and legs blue


A good example of the kind of content that is typical of the site is the film above (trailer only). A beautiful young Italian woman, looking more of an amateur style erotic model than pornstar, sits down outdoors dressed in a sexy top and skin tight leggings, and teases you with her bare feet. The trailer ends before she starts to slowly paint her toe nails, as well as then her soles and even her slender legs.

Sexy brunette Vale Rovski looks hotter than the sun in a Feet4cash top and black skintight leggings that hug her sensational curves. The long-haired stunner is on her terrace, ready to tease you and tempt you with her sexy feet. She paints her elegantly shaped toenails cobalt blue, then writes Feet4cash on her soft soles with a paint brush, and draws a geometric pattern on her shapely, smooth legs.

Reasons To Join Foot Fetish Beauties

  • Dedicated foot fetish studio producing high quality videos and photos since 2008
  • Hundreds of superb softcore erotic foot worship videos and photo sets
  • Pretty amateur style Italian models who clearly love teasing men with their sexy feet
  • 100% unique and original content
  • Producers and models understand the foot fetish niche and know what you want from them.
  • Updated twice weekly.
  • 12 month subscription costs around $99

Summary – Is Membership Of Foot Fetish Beauties Worth It?

Unless you only want to join a site that offers hardcore sex action, then this beautiful softcore erotic foot fetish site is the perfect option for any true foot fan, and a must join site. It’s true that the girls are almost exclusively local Italian girls, but who doesn’t like Italian girls, and especially their sexy feet? And some of the girls are very pretty, while always looking ‘amateur’ and not typical pornstars. Naturally, all the girls have attractive feet. The videos and accompanying photo sets are all produced by a real foot fetish fan who shares our passion for sexy women’s feet, and has been doing this for over a decade. Twice weekly updates with a huge archive, and very good value membership rates including a yearly membership at under $99 or 89 Euros a year.

>> Click To Visit Foot Fetish Beauties <<

VR Foot Fetish Review

VRFF two Italian girls nylone and high heels

VR Foot Fetish is the only current virtual reality site devoted exclusively to the foot worship niche. It’s produced by an Italian studio that is one of the biggest foot fetish producers in the world, with over a dozen popular regular 2D foot sites to their name. It’s truly a foot worship paradise that has been made by and for connoisseurs of sexy feet, and that takes the fetish to new levels in immersive virtual reality.

VRFF top image showing collection of girls with sexy legs and feet

The First VR Foot Fetish Porn Site For Lovers Of Sexy Feet

The site is the first virtual reality site devoted only to sexy feet, and at the time of publishing this review (April 2021) it is still the only VR foot fetish site. Its closest VR rival is Czech VR Fetish which covers a number of different niches along with feet, such as face sitting and fisting. That site releases a new foot fetish video around once every two months, whereas VR Foot Fetish does so once a week.

There is lot of content here as the site has been online for several years with regular updates throughout that time. The models are as far as I can tell, exclusively Italian. They also appear on the studio’s 2D foot fetish sites. Ages and looks vary, but mostly they appear of the ‘amateur model’ type, rather than big breasted pornstars. These girls might not be professional pornstars, but they have experience working for the studio in sexy feet videos, so they know exactly how you like those delicious legs and feet put on display! The fact that the models are ‘girl next door’ types, really does only add to the crazy realism and intimacy of seeing their feet in 3D VR.

Sensual Lauretta and Lily take off each other’s clothes and stockings

Softcore Legs, Nylon, High Heels And Feet Videos In Virtual Reality

There is little hardcore action, and even when there is two girls together there is not much ‘lesbianism’ other than feet kissing and licking. However, they did recently release a rare hardcore video, so perhaps there will be a change of direction as the site grows in popularity. There is lots of high heels, cute socks, stockings and so on. Videos are rarely more than 20 minutes long, which is long enough without any hardcore action and the fact that they are to be experienced inside a VR headset. The models usually begin their scenes in a sexy costume such as secretary, schoolgirl, or dominatrix, and slowly strip off.

Of course, you need a virtual reality headset to enjoy these videos as intended. There has been a recent explosion in headset sales due to the release of the Oculus Quest 2 in October 2020 – a light, portable, and cheap yet technically advanced VR headset. It costs only $299 and does not require a PC to play with. There are still much cheaper ‘cardboard’ VR goggles you can buy on Amazon and eBay if you are really on a budget but want to experience these videos in 3D VR.

Pricing Details And Payment Methods

There are several different subscription plans. A one month membership costs $24.99, which is a little pricey perhaps, but a 12 month membership is only $89.99 – much better value for your money! Payment methods are currently limited to card or PayPal.

Summary – Is Membership Of VR Foot Fetish Worth It?

If you have VR headset then VR Foot Fetish is a must join site. It truly is a site made for foot lovers and by a studio that is passionate about sexy feet themselves. It would be nice if they had more international models, but there is a good selection of amateur style talent here – and who doesn’t adore the sexy feet of Italian women? If you do not have a VR headset, consider purchasing one to experience erotic foot videos like never before. This is porn that is experienced rather than watched. The 12 month membership option of $89 is excellent value for a site that updates weekly and that has a large archive of high quality VR videos.

Leg Sex Review

Leg Sex video banner 1 2021

Leg Sex is one of the oldest foot fetish sites online. It was launched way back in 2004 to cater for connoisseurs of sexy feet, legs, and panty hosed women. It is still an actively updating site that now has hundreds of foot worship videos, with a huge number and variety of models (over 210).

Still Updating With A New Foot Video Around Once A Week

The site is still apparently updating with 4 or 5 new videos a month, although the videos have something of an older look and are still being released in HD only. There’s no doubting the huge archive available to members though, with hundreds of videos available dating back to 2004. Those hundreds of videos feature at least 210 different pairs of sexy feet, belonging to women of a wide variety of shapes and sizes, ages and looks. Each video lasts on average around 20 minutes.

Good Quality Videos With A Mixed Bag Of Actresses

The quality of the foot worship action is very good. This is a genuine foot fetish site, rather than one site in a general network that simply packages its feet videos into one site. The quality of the models is so so, and generally are not premium names, although it all adds up to content that appears almost amateur style (done professionally). That’s not to say that there aren’t a lot of pretty girls showing off their sexy feet here, as the Vanessa Lee trailer below (released March 2021) demonstrates.

Vanessa’s Foots-A-Fuckin’


Pricing And Membership Options For Leg Sex

Ostensible pricing for memberships is quite expensive – $180 for 3 months (there are no annual subscriptions available). However, this seems to be a marketing move as whenever I’ve checked the membership page, the prices have been discounted – so look for a 3 month membership at $19.95 a month ($59.99). There is also a 3 day pass available for $2.99.

Reasons To Join Leg Sex

  • Long running foot fetish with a huge archive of videos and photosets
  • Still apparently updating although the videos do look non-recent
  • High quality foot worship action, although the quality of models does vary
  • Covers a good variety of foot themes, including legs, stockings etc.
  • Good value for money at the regular discounted price of $19.95 a month

Summary – Is A Subscription To Leg Sex Worth It?

Leg Sex is a high quality foot fetish site with a huge archive of content and a newly released video every week or so, although it’s unclear whether these have been filmed recently. If you’re a fan of sexy feet and want to enjoy a huge variety of them in hardcore foot worship videos, then this is a must join site – at least when the prices are discounted as they usually are. In any case, the 3 day pass for $2.99 is a no brainer.

Leg Sex reverse footjob banner 2021

Czech VR Fetish Review

CzehVRFetish Oculus Quest 2

Czech VR Fetish leather high heels banner

Czzech VR Fetish is the premiere porn site that allows you to experience foot fetish, foot jobs, and foot worship, in fully immersive 3D virtual reality. The only top rated VR porn site that regularly releases foot fetish movies. Other fetishes covered include face sitting, leather, stockings, pissing, and more. Actresses are usually young and Czech. The site is produced by one of the biggest and most highly regarded VR porn studios.

How Do I Watch Foot Worship Videos In Virtual Reality?

As well as membership of Czech VR Fetish, you need of course a virtual reality headset. Czech VR Fetish videos play on all VR headsets, from the cheapest cardboard models, to the latest generation of headsets from the likes of Oculus and HTC. However, to get the most out of the stunning 8K videos, you do need one of the latest headsets such as the Oculus Quest 2. The Quest 2 costs only $299 and its ultra-hd screen can play up to 8K VR video. It is also lightweight and portable, and easily the best VR headset for porn viewing, whether VR or non-VR (you can play regular 2D porn on it too, as though you have a front row seat at a cinema). Once you have your VR headset, it’s quite a simple process to watch VR videos, as simple as click and play – especially in the Oculus Quest as it has its own browser that supports VR video.

Lovely Feet Of Lovely Girls

In this VR video, two of the most popular girls in Czech VR porn – Charlie Red, Kristy Black – kiss, lick, and suck each other’s beautiful feet.

Weekly Updates In 8K And Access To Two Other VR Sites

Czech VR Fetish updates with a new fetish video once a week. There is generally a new foot fetish video around once every 4 or 5 weeks, although sometimes their other fetish movies (such as face sitting) might also feature some foot worship. All new videos are now in 8K resolution, which is the VR industry leading resolution. Only a handful of VR sites currently film in such a high resolution, and as a member of Czech VR Fetish, you get access to both of them (Czech VR and Czech VR Casting). You also get access to all the regular 2D porn sites in the network.

Pricing Details And Payment Methods

For all the above, you can pay as little as $14 monthly for a 6 month membership, or $24 for a one month membership. There are no trial memberships. You can pay via all major credit cards, as well as PayPal and Bitcoin.

Summary – Is Membership of Czech VR Fetish Worth It?

If you have a VR headset and are into sexy feet, then it’s definitely the site to join. If you don’t have a VR headset, then consider investing in one. VR video is to regular porn as HD porn is to a B&W photo. This is perhaps especially true with foot fetish porn, as you really feel as though the legs and feet are there in front of you in immersive 3D. Produced by one of the very top VR studios, the pricing is very reasonable, and exceptional value given that you also access their two other virtual reality sites.

Feet In Pantyhose

A pretty young Czech girl proudly shows off her feet in 3D virtual reality for her adoring foot worshipping admirers.

Footsie Babes Review

Footsie Babes 900 x 250

Footsie Babes is a premium hardcore porn site devoted to footjobs and foot worship. It features a great variety of high quality models, mainly young or teen, bust some MILFs. A huge number of movies and the site is still being updated with a new release every week. A variety of good value membership plans ranging from just $2.95 for a trial to $9.95 for a year’s subscription.

Make Me Squirt On My Feet! Ft. Veronica Leal


Veronica Leal, feeling so excited after much toe-sucking and assfucking, decides she wants to try something new: squirting on her own feet!

Date Night Footsie Ft. Liza Shay


Pretty brunette Liza Shay knows how to give Willy Regal some pleasure! He worships her nice legs, and she will give him a hot footjob.

Long Legged Hottie Ft. Sara Bell


Hottie brunette Sara Bell uses her charm and her feet to seduce David Perry. She rubs his cock with her toes and makes sure he is hard before he fucks her wet pussy.

Members Get Access To More Hardcore Videos

Subscribers also get access to a number of very hardcore sites on the same premium porn network as Footsie Babes.


Sweet teen suggests some sexy fun when she’s with two male friends, and half an hour later, her ass has been stretched beyond recognition and she has the taste of two guy’s sperm loads AND her ass from both of their dicks.

Reasons To Join Footsie Babes

  • Premium site with weekly updates and 800+ feet video archive
  • Top pornstars in beautifully filmed foot fetish movies
  • Models chosen for their dainty feet and long, slim legs
  • Exceptional value for money with a 12 month membership $9.95 per month

Summary – Is A Subscription To Footsie Babes Worth It?

Very likely the best foot fetish site currently online, every video is premium and features a beautiful pornstar with sexy feet being worshipped in every way imaginable. Excellent value for money at $9.95 a month with weekly updates and a library of over 800 videos. Especially as you also get access to a huge number of other premium porn sites in the network.