VR Foot Fetish Review

VRFF two Italian girls nylone and high heels

VR Foot Fetish is the only current virtual reality site devoted exclusively to the foot worship niche. It’s produced by an Italian studio that is one of the biggest foot fetish producers in the world, with over a dozen popular regular 2D foot sites to their name. It’s truly a foot worship paradise that has been made by and for connoisseurs of sexy feet, and that takes the fetish to new levels in immersive virtual reality.

VRFF top image showing collection of girls with sexy legs and feet

The First VR Foot Fetish Porn Site For Lovers Of Sexy Feet

The site is the first virtual reality site devoted only to sexy feet, and at the time of publishing this review (April 2021) it is still the only VR foot fetish site. Its closest VR rival is Czech VR Fetish which covers a number of different niches along with feet, such as face sitting and fisting. That site releases a new foot fetish video around once every two months, whereas VR Foot Fetish does so once a week.

There is lot of content here as the site has been online for several years with regular updates throughout that time. The models are as far as I can tell, exclusively Italian. They also appear on the studio’s 2D foot fetish sites. Ages and looks vary, but mostly they appear of the ‘amateur model’ type, rather than big breasted pornstars. These girls might not be professional pornstars, but they have experience working for the studio in sexy feet videos, so they know exactly how you like those delicious legs and feet put on display! The fact that the models are ‘girl next door’ types, really does only add to the crazy realism and intimacy of seeing their feet in 3D VR.

Sensual Lauretta and Lily take off each other’s clothes and stockings

Softcore Legs, Nylon, High Heels And Feet Videos In Virtual Reality

There is little hardcore action, and even when there is two girls together there is not much ‘lesbianism’ other than feet kissing and licking. However, they did recently release a rare hardcore video, so perhaps there will be a change of direction as the site grows in popularity. There is lots of high heels, cute socks, stockings and so on. Videos are rarely more than 20 minutes long, which is long enough without any hardcore action and the fact that they are to be experienced inside a VR headset. The models usually begin their scenes in a sexy costume such as secretary, schoolgirl, or dominatrix, and slowly strip off.

Of course, you need a virtual reality headset to enjoy these videos as intended. There has been a recent explosion in headset sales due to the release of the Oculus Quest 2 in October 2020 – a light, portable, and cheap yet technically advanced VR headset. It costs only $299 and does not require a PC to play with. There are still much cheaper ‘cardboard’ VR goggles you can buy on Amazon and eBay if you are really on a budget but want to experience these videos in 3D VR.

Pricing Details And Payment Methods

There are several different subscription plans. A one month membership costs $24.99, which is a little pricey perhaps, but a 12 month membership is only $89.99 – much better value for your money! Payment methods are currently limited to card or PayPal.

Summary – Is Membership Of VR Foot Fetish Worth It?

If you have VR headset then VR Foot Fetish is a must join site. It truly is a site made for foot lovers and by a studio that is passionate about sexy feet themselves. It would be nice if they had more international models, but there is a good selection of amateur style talent here – and who doesn’t adore the sexy feet of Italian women? If you do not have a VR headset, consider purchasing one to experience erotic foot videos like never before. This is porn that is experienced rather than watched. The 12 month membership option of $89 is excellent value for a site that updates weekly and that has a large archive of high quality VR videos.