Czech VR Fetish Review

CzehVRFetish Oculus Quest 2

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Czzech VR Fetish is the premiere porn site that allows you to experience foot fetish, foot jobs, and foot worship, in fully immersive 3D virtual reality. The only top rated VR porn site that regularly releases foot fetish movies. Other fetishes covered include face sitting, leather, stockings, pissing, and more. Actresses are usually young and Czech. The site is produced by one of the biggest and most highly regarded VR porn studios.

How Do I Watch Foot Worship Videos In Virtual Reality?

As well as membership of Czech VR Fetish, you need of course a virtual reality headset. Czech VR Fetish videos play on all VR headsets, from the cheapest cardboard models, to the latest generation of headsets from the likes of Oculus and HTC. However, to get the most out of the stunning 8K videos, you do need one of the latest headsets such as the Oculus Quest 2. The Quest 2 costs only $299 and its ultra-hd screen can play up to 8K VR video. It is also lightweight and portable, and easily the best VR headset for porn viewing, whether VR or non-VR (you can play regular 2D porn on it too, as though you have a front row seat at a cinema). Once you have your VR headset, it’s quite a simple process to watch VR videos, as simple as click and play – especially in the Oculus Quest as it has its own browser that supports VR video.

Lovely Feet Of Lovely Girls

In this VR video, two of the most popular girls in Czech VR porn – Charlie Red, Kristy Black – kiss, lick, and suck each other’s beautiful feet.

Weekly Updates In 8K And Access To Two Other VR Sites

Czech VR Fetish updates with a new fetish video once a week. There is generally a new foot fetish video around once every 4 or 5 weeks, although sometimes their other fetish movies (such as face sitting) might also feature some foot worship. All new videos are now in 8K resolution, which is the VR industry leading resolution. Only a handful of VR sites currently film in such a high resolution, and as a member of Czech VR Fetish, you get access to both of them (Czech VR and Czech VR Casting). You also get access to all the regular 2D porn sites in the network.

Pricing Details And Payment Methods

For all the above, you can pay as little as $14 monthly for a 6 month membership, or $24 for a one month membership. There are no trial memberships. You can pay via all major credit cards, as well as PayPal and Bitcoin.

Summary – Is Membership of Czech VR Fetish Worth It?

If you have a VR headset and are into sexy feet, then it’s definitely the site to join. If you don’t have a VR headset, then consider investing in one. VR video is to regular porn as HD porn is to a B&W photo. This is perhaps especially true with foot fetish porn, as you really feel as though the legs and feet are there in front of you in immersive 3D. Produced by one of the very top VR studios, the pricing is very reasonable, and exceptional value given that you also access their two other virtual reality sites.

Feet In Pantyhose

A pretty young Czech girl proudly shows off her feet in 3D virtual reality for her adoring foot worshipping admirers.